Our French program focuses on the following:

The preparation for the official tests is done through practical workshop aiming to place the participant in scenarios similar to those of the real test. Emphasizing oral comprehension B1-B2-C1 to the maximum through workshops that resemble TCFQ http://www.ciep.fr/tcf-quebec and DELF.
Recurso 1


Teaching the French language and the francophone culture, reaching the A1-A2-B1-B2-C1 levels. According to the CEFRL. Special emphasis on oral production and comprehension.

Recurso 1


It is personalized, via zoom and live, the methodology is through action (the student produces and comprehends speech acts) and communication (through function according to a given context). In addition to it, we focus on the awareness and appropriation of the information on socio-economic activity and French culture, from the province of Quebec and the federal sphere in Canada.

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