Vis au Canada! It’s a migration agency ran by Liliana Andrea Guzmán Novoa, an agent registered in the ICCRC-CRCIC under the leadership of Mr. Edwin Martínez Demares, Regulated Consultant in Canadian Immigration Law – CRIC whose license is R415295, which can be verified. Our main tasks are to identify those candidates whose profiles meet the selection criteria, promote and facilitate the access to official representation services before the Ministry of Immigration of the Canadian government, so that those represented obtain a visa in accordance to the prevailing regulations and criteria.

The new dream


Canada is shown as the new “American dream”. There are more and better opportunities and a great immigrant demand for different job position. If you wish to achieve the “Canadian dream”, your first step is to be well informed, for this Vis Au Canada gives you the opportunity to have an informative session.

Learning French is necessary

to live in Canada.

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