Chicaque Park Visit

Chicaque Park Visit

Just about 30 minutes from Bogotá, through the southern exit of the city, you will find the Chicaque natural park, the second largest fog park in the world. For Colombian Wellness this turns out to be a different plan both for the Bogota citizens, as for the foreigners that is why in this post we recommend it and we present part of our experience, the “Colombian Wellness Experience”
Surprisingly this park is little known, despite the closeness it has with the city, we consider this a place of reflection, to rest from the hectic pace of the big city and a way to get charged with positive energy back to your home.

This is a park mainly intended for hiking, horseback riding, hotel accommodation or camping among others, accompanied by the best landscape, fauna and flora that characterizes our country, Colombia.

Upon arriving at the park, it invites its visitors to have the freedom to choose their own path, so it is not necessary to follow a specific order to enjoy it. To continue we will mention the different plans and routes that can be done in the park:

– Pico de Águila: One of the highest stones in the park, it allows us to have a spectacular view of the park, and excellent to take good pictures.
– Waterfall: A waterfall of more than 70 meters that is part of the Quebrada Chicaque and the Quebrada Vélez
– Butterflies: For a distance of approximately 1.6 km you can enjoy a tour accompanied by a variety of butterflies, mainly a curious species that has transparent wings (Glasswinged butterfly).
– El Roquedal: This tour is characterized by the large number of orchids and Gaques that are on the way
– Bosque Robles: This beautiful trail has oaks with more than 300 years old and 30 meters high.
– Lodging in the trees: The best way to stay in the park is definitely in the treetops, more than 25 meters high, you can appreciate the view of nature that Chicaque Park gives us, as well as the best comfort.
– Camping area: There are two spaces exclusively for camping, for those who love Camping.
Horseback Riding: For some visitors, the trails can be demanding, so the ride is a very good option to walk the park, along a path of 3 km.
Canopy: An exceptional option to enjoy the view of the park at 100 meters high, for a route of 340 meters, combined with adventure.
Other forms of accommodation: The park also allows the option of staying at the hotel located in the refuge of the park, as well as the option of cabins.

It is very important to keep in mind that doing all the trips in a single day is impossible, due to the large size of the park, so you could do between 2 and 3 trips in a single visit. On the way to the exit of the park awaits you an arduous journey, since the road from now on will be one way up only, so it is recommended that you first go through the restaurant of the park, where you will find a delicious and varied Colombian menu, perfect to recharge and prepare for your return to the hotel

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