A tour of the old neighborhood

A tour of the old neighborhood

In Bogotá there is a place where a large part of the history of the city is enclosed and which played an important role in the construction of what is now Colombia. It is a place that with the passing of time very little has changed and; From the ancient legends that once circulated in the ears of the Muisca inhabitants who once inhabited their surroundings, even the most recent urban stories succeed in bewitching and filling this site with mysticism. We are talking about the Candelaria neighborhood, a very special place for the city and its inhabitants, a place that has seen the darkest days as well as the first flashes of light of a nation that was about to emerge.

The “Colombian Wellness Experience” took the task of exploring some of the most interesting points of this area to share with the readers some aspects of the experience and invite them to have their own since La Candelaria is a neighborhood with a lot to offer and that Without a doubt, he will leave you in awe and with the desire to return. The tour began in the Plaza de Bolívar, the main square of the city that is surrounded by others by the Palace of Justice, the National Capitol, the Primada Cathedral of Colombia and the Palace of Liévano. In this place you can appreciate the architecture over certain periods of time, since this square has changed a lot from being a place that was the headquarters of the market to a place that today is a refuge for the memories of the liberator. than hundreds of pigeons that adorn the landscape.

The tour continued at the Gold Museum, a vault that keeps the greatest treasures of our country, pre-Columbian crafts made of metals and precious stones. On the way to the square of the Quevedo jet we made a stop to eat at one of the multiple sites that are there; a place hidden among the old houses in which executives and students who move through the area usually resort. We are talking about the Totuma Corrida, this is a place where the menu is debated between seafood and Asian cuisine, where the classic style and the presentation of the dishes give added value to the place.

Finally we finish the tour in the square of Chorro de Quevedo, a place frequented by students, tourists and others who roam this area. In the plaza there are several shops where the main trade is alcohol. An additional value is the storytellers that are located in the square that bring us stories of their experiences as well as a cultural contribution about the history of the city mixed with touches of comedy to make the moment more enjoyable.

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